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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Accident on 35 today mn

Instructions and Help about Accident on 35 today mn

Music I just got this video in from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and we want to warn you it's a this is right before the bridge collapse somebody was monitoring the camera obviously on the bridge and you just saw the last car go toward its I guess it would be the left of what you're watching and you can see the oncoming traffic comes to a stop because they realize that something's wrong wrong and then it takes a whoever's operating the camera a couple minutes but at least probably about thirty seconds to realize something is wrong so then at some point and you see the car is moving this is actually see this person turned around the camera starts to move around to go to the other side of this 35w interstate and bridge here and there's a Mississippi and there you go and you can actually see people jumping and out of their cars running to the side some people stopping to see what's going on but then you also see a number of people jumping out of the car running away and even turning their cars around and driving away from the scene and you just you can't think it's hard to imagine that that one person who just made it over we saw that one car that just missed this collapse yeah and you see someone got in their car but being there on the scene every single person I spoke to said it was eerily quiet once it this happened people were driving by and walking by and I wonder if it's because of the smoke you can't really see it initially that you don't realize the impact of it so folks were really quiet and then you know all of a sudden start to realize that what had happened we're gonna play it again from the beginning because this is new video it's a different angle we haven't seen this before but as we were describing earlier on this is traffic flowing normal here Kyra there's the last car right there yes see that last car on the right side going up and it's uh you know this happened 6:05 6:05 Wednesday night quittin time right and so traffic had been from four lanes on each side had been moved down to two lanes in both directions because construction was going on now here's the thing had this been normal traffic this is going to turn around now it's amazing how they I mean obviously whoever was monitoring that camera they they're supposed to keep it going on that one direction but saw that something had gone wrong and turned it down I turn around immediately because they've got great surveillance cameras on the bridge we saw the one from across the Mississippi remember from the other angle now we're just getting this video in that shows the opposite angle yeah and the thing is here's what officials say especially.


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