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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Accidents in mn this week

Instructions and Help about Accidents in mn this week

Two teenagers died and two others were injured in a crash on highway 169 in Nashua on Saturday the Minnesota State Patrol says the 1994 Chevy Cobra camper was traveling south on Highway 169 when it struck a 2022 Honda Accord that was attempting to cross the southbound lanes in a left-hand turn onto highway 65 the Honda Accord was northbound on highway 169 when the 17-year old male driver attempted to turn in front of the camper two passengers in the car were transported a Fairview Medical Range Center but did not survive their injuries they've been identified by the State Patrol as 13 year-old Trent Casey salminen of Hibbing and 16 year-old Aiden Patrick Hall whose home town is not listed in the report the 17 year old driver and a third passenger a 15 year old boy both of Hibbing were also transported to Fairview Range Medical Center in Hibbing with non-life-threatening injuries the man and woman from Chisolm age 61 59 respectively were in the camper the man who was driving was not injured and the woman was taken to the Hibbing hospital with non-life threatening injuries I'm due a Chen reporting for Rjay broadcasting dot-com.


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