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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Accident on 94 today mn

Instructions and Help about Accident on 94 today mn

This is the only issue here in Waukesha County a major crash i-94 East at highway 83 has shut down all lanes of traffic heading eastbound so keeping a quick eye on that speeder is slow in that area as 9 miles per hour as Waukesha sheriff's deputies work to move these cars off of the roadways again this crash is 94 there at Delafield and tom durian is actually live there in Waukesha County Tom what do you see out there on the roadways hi Tatiana yeah we're on the north side of Interstate 94 the traffic you see moving behind me right here is the westbound traffic behind us is where the crash is this did start on the westbound side of the roadway the car went through the median and ended up hitting another vehicle head-on let's take a look at the video that we shot when we got here earlier this morning shortly before 11 o'clock flight for life was headed up with one of the people that was injured in this crash we're told a total of two people were injured one person had to be cut out of the vehicle that's on its side right now the other vehicle which is a Ford Explorer two-door that person was taken each ected from the vehicle and taken to the hospital so we have two victims taken right now eastbound side of the freeway completely shut down as you mentioned if we come back to the live picture you'll see right now that the eastbound side of the highway is shut down there's still traffic going westbound so people are using the frontage roads on both sides of the freeway like I said we're here on the north side of the freeway there's traffic going by on the frontage road here and on the south side of the freeway there's also traffic going by there there currently right now trying to clean it up they have the tow truck here they'll get this one vehicle out of the way the other vehicle there they've already cleaned up most of the roadway but they have some roadway cleaners sitting on standby here ready to clean up whatever debris is left on the road as soon as they are able to do so traffic moving westbound eastbound is closed right now should open shortly reporting live here in dental field tom during today's dmj 4.


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