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Accident on 94 today mn Form: What You Should Know

Crews will now have a 30-mile per hour speed limit in all construction zones on I-94 west from the I-494 interchange to SR-10, as well as in areas east and south of that interchange. Update: MRT to increase I-94 speed limit on SR-10 and south for 10 months to avoid new construction JUL 16, 2024 — The Minnesota Department of Transportation will increase the speed limit northbound on SR-10 by 10 miles an hour from 50 mi/h to 55 mph for 10 months while the state prepares for a new interstate for the freeway. STADIUM RACES — TUCSON Jul 15, 2024 — The Tucson's new U.S. Bank Arena won't make it to its scheduled opening date in time for the 2018-19 season due to the ongoing federal lawsuit. A federal judge granted U.S. District Judge Robert N. Bryan's order that the city's management pay damages to a group of tenants for failing to open the arena by June 11. A group of tenants also sued the City of Tucson, alleging the city failed to timely enforce its rental housing laws. Tucson is one of several professional and high school athletic facilities being sued after the government failed to enforce a provision of the Fair Housing Act, according to court documents. The judge's order could delay Arena's opening for seven months. Tucson Wins New U.S. Bank Arena Contract Jul 14, 2024 — U.S. Bank Arena, the 500 million, 61,000 square foot facility that houses a variety of sporting and cultural events will open to all paying customers by December 2018. The arena is located in the Valley and adjacent to the University of Cincinnati/U.S. Bank Arena. The two organizations are also looking to partner for future U.S. Bank Arena facilities. Mayor Pro Tem Todd Richardson commented: “It is great news that Arena is now scheduled to open in December 2018.” “The City is committed not only to providing an awesome facility, but to ensuring that our community and our visitors stay safe, as this lawsuit highlights, and that our current residents have access to these jobs, businesses and services we offer. “This is a great example of our work in the City Council and the city management teams working quickly to make sure all our residents have adequate access to employment, jobs and services — whether you are a resident of Phoenix or a visitor.

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Instructions and Help about Accident on 94 today mn

This is the only issue here in Waukesha County: a major crash on I-94 East at Highway 83 has shut down all lanes of traffic heading eastbound. So, keeping a quick eye on that speeder is slow in that area, as it is moving at 9 miles per hour. Waukesha sheriff's deputies are working to move these cars off of the roadways. Again, this crash is on I-94 at Delafield, and Tom Durian is actually live there in Waukesha County. - Tom, what do you see out there on the roadways? Hi Tatiana, we're on the north side of Interstate 94. The traffic you see moving behind me right here is the westbound traffic. Behind us is where the crash is. This crash started on the westbound side of the roadway. The car went through the median and ended up hitting another vehicle head-on. Let's take a look at the video that we shot when we got here earlier this morning, shortly before 11 o'clock. Flight for Life was headed up with one of the people injured in this crash. We're told a total of two people were injured. One person had to be cut out of the vehicle that's on its side right now. The other vehicle, which is a Ford Explorer two-door, that person was taken out from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. So, we have two victims taken right now. - The eastbound side of the freeway is completely shut down, as you mentioned. If we come back to the live picture, you'll see right now that the eastbound side of the highway is shut down. There's still traffic going westbound, so people are using the frontage roads on both sides of the freeway. Like I said, we're here on the north side of the...