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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Texas highway patrol accident reports

Instructions and Help about Texas highway patrol accident reports

In almost every accident the state of Texas a police report is filled out by the responding police officer these are two page reports generally and they're full of information they have great information on who the other other drivers are who the insurance company is who are the passengers where the car is towed where the people are taken by ambulance and also most importantly it assigns fault for the accident the investigating officer will interview the witnesses talk to the folks and then come up with the results of the investigation and it's kind of hard to interpret it's in box 36 and they talk about factors contributing to the accident and they assign a number to it the number has to come from another code sheet but in the end when I look at a police report that's one of the first things I flip to to see who the officer assigned is fault if you've been involved in accident and you have questions on how to interpret this police report give us a call we'll be glad to help you out and to figure out exactly what the officer says was to cause the accident.


Does the highway patrol really have a quota to fill?
Yes they do. However, it varies depending on the geographical area. Quotas are based on factors such as licensed driver populations, percentage of city land mass verses suburban land mass, statistical data ie: average number of infractions ticketed annually per capita population. There is actually u201cstatition companies/corporations that compile this data for state and local government agencies. Additional secondary factors include the state/counties current debt, budget shortfalls, etc. Remember that tickets/infractions carry u201cfinable penaltiesu201d..and that means revenues to the county/state. In Florida, the DMV is the third largest source of revenues for the state.
If you were in the USA, possibly Texas, how would you speak with the highway patrol if you were pulled over on the highway without your identification?
The same way I speak to anyone. Exactly as they earn. If the officer is being professional and polite, I shall be also. If heu2019s being a dick, I will only crack the window and say I have nothing to say without my lawyer. Having my ID is irrelevant, I know all the information on it, can quote it and my picture comes up on his screen in his car when he types in my DL# so he will know I am not lying when he goes to check the info.
How do highway patrol officers locate reported drunk drivers on the highways?
I have reported two in the last decade. One was apprehended while we were still behind him and the other one pulled into a swap meet and was outside state police jurisdiction by the time an officer could respond. Highway patrol officers locate reported drunk drivers when enough information is given to the dispatcher. Ideally, make and model of the vehicle and a license plate number is required. Just telling the dispatcher that a u2018late model white caru2022 is weaving all over the road is not enough. Just imagine yourself as the officer looking for the vehicle when you report it. What would you want to know if you had to identify the correct vehicle?
If an interstate accident elevates from accidental death to criminal vehicular homicide, would the highway patrol continue to lead the investigation?
Yes, in most cases they would. In my state the highway patrol (Illinois State Police) handle accidents that happen on the interstate system. They have some very talented specialists who are trained in traffic crash reconstruction. They record, collect and interpret evidence to present to the state's attorney for prosecution.
Is it standard procedure for highway patrol to light up just to move traffic out of their way?
If they are headed someplace where they have human life at risk, heck yeah! If they are headed to an in progress crime, or injured person, heck yeah!If they are making a donut run or something similar, hell no!
Do I have to fill out a accident report request that was sent to me? There wasn't damage to either of our cars
This depends on which state you live in and also who sent you the report request. It is highly unusual for a citizen to send a crash report to another citizen. If I were you I would not fill it out unless it came from a police agency. Even then I would be suspicious and follow Kathryn's answer below.
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