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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing accident on 35w south today mn

Instructions and Help about accident on 35w south today mn

This officer is recovering after a driver crashed into the officer squad car during a traffic stop it caused a chain reaction crash involving four cars total it happened this morning around two a.m. on i-35 at thirty eighth Street in Minneapolis you can see from traffic cameras that there was a heavy police presence there and authorities had to block all but one lane of traffic the driver who caused the crash was arrested and authorities are waiting for results of a blood test to see if the driver was under the influence you.


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I’m going to ignore the nukes here because currently the US guarantees nuclear defense of South Korea in exchange for SK not developing their own nukes. So it’s a little unfair to take the US nuclear weapons off the table and leave SK naked to a nuclear attack. They have the capability to develop their own if they chose to pursue that path.The downside for SK is their largest and most important city is within reach of NK’s rather large supply of artillery pieces. There’s no getting around this reality, SK has a big jewel that’s going to get smashed in a conventional war between north and south Korea. North Korea conversely is in such bad shape in terms of infrastructure and economy that it doesn’t have many targets worth destroying.This has global ramifications since SK is a surprisingly integral part of the world economy. Samsung for instance is based in SK not far from Seoul. The world economy would take a big hit if the Korean war was revisited (which is probably why the US would NEVER remain hands off in such an instance) .Additionally NK has an army that is disproportionately large for a small poor country. Quantity has a quality all it’s own.The downside for NK is basically everything else. South Korea enjoys a massive technological advantage and this is going to translate to massive casualties for the NK military. Their budget is about 1/3 of South Korea’s 10B vs 30B (even though NK spends about 25% of GDP on the military and SK spends about 2.5%) and the reality is when you spend more money on the military you get something for that money. If the average thing purchased by the military lasts for 10-20 years SK has accumulated possibly 200B more intrinsic value in their military than the north. That’s a big gap.The north has a lot of artillery but in 2021 trying to assault modern forces in old tanks when you don’t have control of the skies (SK’s air force would demolish NK’s) is close to suicidal. The artillery weapons being used to attack Seoul/South Korea would be a primary early target for the attack aircraft of the the south. I would not want to be among those gun crews.It’s impossible conceive an outcome that doesn’t include the north taking horrific casualties but the economic costs for the south would be massive and civilians loses before Seoul could be evacuated would be massive.The south would win militarily but both sides would ultimately lose.
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My dental insurance ran out today for fillings for the year. Can they just charge more teeth to my family members who are on my policy?
It would be fraud.They have to submit x-rays of your teeth with the claim. It is easy to differentiate your teeth from those of other family members. That’s why teeth can be used to identify dead bodies.Do you think your dentist wants to toss out the equivalent of a medical school education to help you get filings? Hopefully, the worse teeth were done this year.Your spouse may have coverage through a job. You could change your job and get new insurance through a new employer (be sure they don’t use the same carrier). Other than that, pay out of pocket or wait until January. Or use a Health Savings Account to pay.
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