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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Car accident reports

Instructions and Help about Car accident reports

Hi today's topic has been provided to help you understand how to use police reports and traffic citations to win your settlement millions of car accidents insurance claims are filed every year in the United States one thing they all have in common is that a driver's negligence caused property damage or personal injuries to someone else this of course instigates the need to deal with insurance companies if you expect the other drivers insurance company to pay for your damages you have to convince the company's claims adjuster that their insureds negligence directly caused the collision if you can't you may be stuck paying for your own car repairs and medical bills insurance companies don't just hand over their money it may be perfectly clear to you that they're insured caused the accident but you still have to present enough evidence to persuade the adjuster to settle the case for a fair amount by the time you first speak with the claims adjuster he'll already have investigated the accident he may have already determined his insured caused the collision but you can be sure he won't admit that to you claims adjusters are experts at finding ways to not pay a victim a fair settlement amount trying not to get frustrated with dedication a little common sense and hard work you'll be able to settle your claim for a substantial amount without having to pay an attorney to handle your case to do this we have to understand the differences between circumstantial and direct evidence circumstantial evidence includes the position of the cars of the time of the collision whether time of day witness statements photographs and more traffic accidents usually have a great deal of circumstantial evidence one or two of these factors alone probably won't be enough to prove the other drivers negligence but when you begin to put together more and more circumstantial evidence you start building a solid case direct evidence includes an at fault drivers statement admitting he caused the accident or one of the at fault drivers passengers admitting that the driver was speeding or driving recklessly direct evidence can be much stronger than circumstantial evidence so you often need less of it to build a solid case there's one form of direct evidence that can be strong enough to prove your case on its own it can be found in your state traffic laws if the other driver violated the traffic law the police will document it either in a police report or with a traffic citation this is what makes police reports and contributing factors so important almost every police report has a separate section called contributing factors police officers clearly note their opinions of the cause or causes of the accident in this section contributing factors can include bad weather mob-owned tire brake failure or any number of unexpected intervening events the most often cited contributing factors are violations of the state's traffic laws which are documented when police.

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